Dr Kristy Goodwin

Dr Kristy Goodwin is a digital parenting expert (and a mum who also deals with her kids’ techno-tantrums!). She’s the author of the book Raising Your Child in a Digital World, a speaker, researcher and media commentator with a gift for translating research into practical and digestible information for parents and professionals working with children aged 0-12 years.

Kristy takes the guesswork and guilt out of raising kids in the digital age by arming parents and professionals with facts, not fears, about how ‘digitalised childhoods’ are impacting on children’s health, learning and development. Kristy’s on a mission to eradicate the myths and misinformation about raising ‘screenagers’ by arming parents, teachers and health professionals with essential information and tips for raising balanced and healthy kids in the digital world (without telling parents to ban the iPad, or unplug the TV). 

We look forward to welcoming Kristy to Melbourne in 2017 as our conference dinner speaker!