Dr Debbie Pushor

Debbie is a Professor in the Department of Curriculum Studies at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. In her program of research, Debbie has engaged in narrative inquiries into parent knowledge and into parent engagement and leadership. In her undergraduate and graduate teaching, Debbie makes central an often absent or underrepresented conversation about the positioning of parents in relation to school landscapes. Debbie, in collaboration with the Parent Engagement Collaborative (a cohort of graduate students), published a book entitled, Portals of Promise: Transforming Beliefs and Practices through a Curriculum of Parents (Sense Publishers, 2013). A second book, Living as Mapmakers: Charting a Course with Children Guided by Parent Knowledge (Sense Publishers, 2015) was co-written with the Parent Engagement Collaborative II, and extends this earlier work. Currently, Debbie and the Parent Engagement Collaborative III are creating a video series for parents and educators to present concepts from the two books in a different form.

In Debbie’s early career, she worked as a teacher, consultant, principal, and central services administrator. It was her experiences as a parent of school-aged children that caused her to attend to the positioning of parents in relation to schools.

You can now download printable order forms for Debbie's books Living as Mapmakers and Portals of Promise.