Jenni Brasington

Ms. Jenni Brasington is a Senior Director of Consultative Services for Scholastic Education and a founding partner of the Center for Active Family Engagement (CAFÉ). She has more than 25 years of experience working with PK-12 schools as an administrator, early childhood coordinator and school counsellor to improve student achievement and build effective family-school partnerships that support student learning.

Jenni has focused her work over the last 17 years on building the capacity of educators to engage with families in ways that support learning and increase student achievement. Most recently, Jenni served as the Director of Family and Community Engagement for Acelero Learning, a large Head Start grantee with delegate agencies in four states.

Author of the Family Friendly Walk-Through, Jenni was also the co-author of the Family Engagement Assessment a tool that measures a school’s capacity for developing effective partnerships with families. During this last year, Jenni and her partners at (CAFÉ) have assisted schools across the US and Australia build capacity for sustainable family engagement.

Download Jenni Brasington's Keynote presentation (PowerPoint PPTX file) here.