Poster Presentations

1. Parent views on education: measuring perceptions, values and engagement

Mariko Francis Bio   |   Abstract

2. Promoting parent engagement in the context of seriously and chronically ill children

Rosa Rintoul Bio   |   Abstract

3. Parent engagement: culture not structure

Margaret Lee Bio   |   Abstract

4. Facilitating school-parent-community partnerships in Tasmania

 Sue Kilpatrick Bio   |   Abstract

5. Working out Dads – engaging & connecting

 Le ann Williams Bio   |   Abstract

6. Building family capacity through positive parent engagement

 Chris Hutchinson Bio   |   Abstract

7. Engaging the 'hard to engage' parent: music therapy in the community context

 Meredith Drinkell Bio   |   Julia Oreopoulos Bio   |   Abstract

8. School-based family liaison project – engaging families with diverse need

 Carmel Hewitt Bio   |   Donna Falzon Bio   |   Abstract

9. School-based family liaison project – engaging families with diverse need

 Wendy Field Bio   |   Abstract

10. How can we successfully engage with parents in schools?

 Rhyannon Elliott Bio   |   Abstract

11. Partnering early – the key to opening the school gate

 Michele Foley Bio   |   Regina Nugent Bio   |   Natalie Dickson Bio   |   Abstract

12. Living with autism - engaging parents to support children's development

Joanne Templeton Bio   |   Abstract

13. Effective engagement of parents with evidence-based resources online

 Derek McCormack Bio   |   Abstract

14. It's not the program, it's the approach

 Catherine Phillips Bio   |   Abstract

15. Ready Fire Aim! Improving family centred classroom practices in primary schools

 Narelle Struth Bio   |   Abstract

16. Collaborating with parents in upper secondary school – explore and theorize

 Gørill Warvik Vedeler Bio   |   Abstract

17. Engagement through yarning

 Linda McNeil Bio   |   Abstract

18. 2 generation approach to moving children out of poverty

 Tricia Szirom Bio   |   Abstract

19. Families and Schools Together (FAST) evidence-based parent engagement

 Mark Boonstra Bio   |   Abstract

20. Preparing students for the transition to secondary school

 Lisa Mundy Bio   |   Abstract