Thursday 8 June (am)

Thursday Morning Plenary

Continued enthusiasm on Thursday morning saw the 2017 Parent Engagement Conference open with Dr Charlene Smith from ARACY as MC for this Plenary Session. The keynote addresses by Dr Tim Moore, Murdoch Children's Research Institute and Dr Heather Weiss, Global Family Research Project, USA, were well received, and fascinating concurrent sessions and robust Q&A discussions followed.

Dr Tim Moore

Dr Tim Moore, of the Murdoch Children's Research Institute delivered a keynote address titled 'Authentic engagement: The nature and role of the relationship at the heart of effective practice'.
Tim Moore Bio   |   Download PDF (1.9MB)

Dr Heather B. Weiss

Heather Weiss, of Global Family Research Project, USA delivered a keynote address titled 'Envisioning and Building Family and Community Engagement 2.0'.
Heather Weiss Bio   |   Download PDF (3.3MB)

Thursday Morning Concurrent Sessions

  • Building authentic partnerships - MCRI Symposium
    Chair: Sue West   
    |   Stream Session

Paul Prichard, Murdoch Childrens Research Centre

Empowering parents Empowering Communities: EPEC.
Paul Prichard Bio   |   Download PDF (886MB)

Lynn Wyllie-Watson, Ravenswood Child and Family Centre

Child and family centres - Parents as partners in co-design and delivery.
Lynn Wyllie-Watson Bio   |   Download PDF (4.6MB)

Dr Michelle Lucas & Debbie Dunn, Opportunity Child

Opportunity Child - Parents as governance partners.
Michelle Lucas Bio   |   Debbie Dunn Bio   |   No presentation

  • Building potential through professional learning and development
    Chair: Dr Rebecca Goodhue   |   Stream Session

Narelle Struth, Catholic Education Melbourne

Parent engagement in action: A guide and toolkit for school improvement.
Narelle Struth Bio   |   Download PDF (1.2MB)

 Sue Brown & Gabrielle Verstraete, St Anthonys Catholic Primary School/St Gerard's Primary School 

Family engagement for teachers - Professional learning and action research.
Sue Brown Bio   |   Gabrielle Verstraete Bio   |   Download PDF (89.6MB)

Grace Kirby, University of Queensland

Teachers' perspectives about their relationships with parents: First steps towards building capacity.
Grace Kirby Bio   |   Download PDF (656KB)

  • A Richer Picture: Using data to tell the PE story
    Chair: Gillian Considine   
    |   Stream Session

Dr Sheldon Rothman, Australian Council for Educational Research

PE: What can we learn from national assessments?
Sheldon Rothman Bio   |   Download PDF (439KB)

Dr Graham Daniel, Charles Sturt University

Understanding parent involvement in their children's education in the Australian context.
Graham Daniel Bio   |   Download PDF (390KB)

Sally Dooner & Kerri Bird, University of Newcastle

An approach to assessment that promotes parent engagement.
Sally Dooner Bio   |   Kerri Bird Bio   |   Download PDF (235KB)

  • Emerging technology for early learning
    Chair: Wendy Field   
    |   Stream Session

Melissa Walsh, New South Wales Department of Education

It makes you think - deep diving into digital parent engagement in NSW.
Melissa Walsh Bio   |   Download PDF (679KB)

Alison Werner & Jess Saxton, Queensland Department of Education and Training

Make the early years count: an interactive online parent engagement tool.
Alison Werner Bio   |   Jess Saxton Bio  |   Download (146MB)

Sarah Nilsen, Queensland Department of Education and Training

The power of story reading with children.
Sarah Nilsen Bio   |   Download PDF (1.3MB)