Thursday 8 June (pm)

Thursday afternoon's final concurrent sessions continued with more captivating, vibrant and powerful presentations, followed by a Q&A discussion and closing address from Dr Lisa O'Brien of The Smith Family.

Thursday Afternoon Concurrent Sessions

  • Strategies promoting and supporting engagement
    Chair: Nina Downes   
    |   Stream Session

Shelley Hill & Charuni Weerasooriya, Australian Parents Council 

#parentech campaign - living, learning and parenting in the digital age
Shelley Hill Bio   |   Charuni Weerasooriya Bio   |  Download PDF (6.1MB)

Sarah Fischer, University of Tasmania

Equipping parents to support their children's higher education aspiration: An evaluation tool.
Sarah Fischer Bio   |   Download PDF (463KB)

Dr Linda-Dianne Willis, University of Queensland

Affordances and challenges of engaging parents in student learning using social media.
Linda-Dianne Willis Bio   |   Presentation Withheld

Dianne Giblin & Donna Sirmais, Australian Council of State School Organisations

Reason, React, Respond, Reach.
Dianne Giblin Bio   |   Donna Sirmais Bio   |   Download PDF (341KB)

John O'Brien & Prof Sue Saltmarsh, Catholic School Parents Australia / University of Southern Qld

Re-energising parent engagement in secondary schools.
John O'Brien Bio   |   Sue Saltmarsh Bio   |   Download PDF (1.1MB)

Catherine Renfrew & Carmel Hewitt, Broken Bay Catholic School Parents

From fundraising to learning partnerships: A strategic initiative in school parent leadership.
Catherine Renfrew Bio   |   Carmel Hewitt Bio   |   Download PDF (1.5MB)

Dennis Yarrington, Australian Primary Principals Association

Pitching to the primary principal with ideas, challenges and feedback.
Dennis Yarrington Bio   |   Download PDF (85KB)

Dr Jenny Povey, University of Queensland

Innovative parent engagement leadership practices across diverse school contexts.
Jenny Povey Bio   |   Download PDF (273KB)

  • Sharing from experience: Parent and student perspectives 
    Chair: Jacob Wray   |   Stream Session

Linda McNeil & Neisha Licitra, Council of Catholic School Parents

What do parents really think about engagement?
Linda McNeil Bio   |   Neisha Licitra Bio   |   Download PDF (1.8MB)

Suzanne Donnelly, Autism Spectrum Australia

Empowering parents/carers to begin a conversation about their child's needs.
Suzanne Donnelly Bio   |   Download (210MB)

Michelle Jeffries, Queensland University of Technology

School-family relationships: Experiences of same-sex attracted parents in primary schools.
Michelle Jeffries Bio   |   Presentation Withheld

Carmel Nash & Siobhan Allen, Queensland Catholic School Parents & Friends/Parents & Friends Federation of Western Australia

First connections: Enrolment and engagement hand in hand.
Carmel Nash Bio   |   Siobhan Allen Bio  |   Download PDF (1.9MB)

  • Maximising engagement for inclusion and wellbeing
    Chair: Dr Charlene Smith   |   Stream Session

Dr Lyn O'Grady & Fletcher Curnow, Australian Psychological Society/Kids Matter

KidsMatter: Supporting children's mental health through effective parent engagement and school-family partnerships.
Lyn O'Grady Bio   |   Fletcher Curnow Bio   |   Download

Shelley Fallowfield, Relationships Australia

The results are in...This Works! 
Shelly Fallowfield Bio   |   Download PDF (2.5MB)

Marie Stuart, GoodStart Early Learning

Engaging the most vulnerable beyond the expectation of families coming to us.
Marie Stuart Bio   |   Download PDF (3.8MB)

Dr Diana Warren, Australian Institute of Family Studies

Contexts of disadvantage and the role of parental investment in improving children's educational and social outcomes.
Dianna Warren Bio   |   Download PDF (398.KB)

Closing Plenary

Q&A Panel Session

Featuring Dr Karen Mapp, Dr Debbie Pushor, and Dr Lisa O'Brien
Karen Mapp Bio   |   Dr Debbie Pushor Bio   |   Dr Lisa O'Brien Bio

Closing address: Dr Lisa O'Brien, CEO The Smith Family

Dr Lisa O’Brien has worked in leadership roles across the public, not-for-profit and commercial sectors over the last two decades. As CEO of Australia's largest children’s education charity, Lisa has significantly increased the effectiveness and reach of the organisation’s programs.  
Dr Lisa O'Brien Bio   |   Download PDF (449KB)