Wednesday 7 June (am)

Wednesday saw the conference open its first full day of plenary and concurrent sessions,
with ministerial addresses, emotional keynotes, and valuable Q&A discussions.

Wednesday Morning Plenary

The opening Plenary Session of the 2017 Parent Engagement Conference on Wednesday 7 June, featuring Senator for SA and Minister for Education and Training, the Honourable Simon Birmingham and keynotes from Dr Debbie Pushor and Steve Moneghetti AM.

Senator The Honourable Simon Birmingham

Minister Birmingham stressed that parental and family factors are not just some add-on to student success, but are at the core and centre of it. Watch his address as part of the Wednesday morning plenary above and download a transcript of his speech.  Simon Birmingham Bio   |   Download PDF (49KB)

Dr Debbie Pushor

Debbie is a Professor in the Department of Curriculum Studies at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. In her program of research, Debbie has engaged in narrative inquiries into parent knowledge and into parent engagement and leadership. On Wednesday morning, Dr Pushor's keynote addressed "The Critical Use of Parent Knowledge in the Engagement of Parents", shifting the emphasis in schooling from parent involvement to parent engagement.
Debbie Pushor Bio  |   Download PDF (5MB)   |   Download PDF with video (396MB)

Steve Moneghetti

Stephen James "Steve" Moneghetti is a renowned long-distance runner and physical health consultant. He has a degree in civil engineering, a graduate diploma in education, and an honorary doctorate from the University of Ballarat. Towards the end of the conference's Wednesday morning plenary session, Steve spoke on "Sport’s contribution to child development: Why parent engagement is crucial", which you can see in the video above from 1hr 13m.
Steve Moneghetti Bio

Wednesday Morning Concurrent Sessions

  • First Steps (sponsored by Starting Blocks)
    Chair: Dr Charlene Smith  
     |   Stream Session

Dr Wendy Goff, Swinburne University

How adults come together to support the mathematical learning of children making the transition to school.
Wendy Goff Bio   |   Download PDF (480KB)

Chris Hawkes & Cynthia Dann, Playgroup Western Australia

Taking playgroups beyond play: Engaging families & building capacity through play.
Chris Hawkes Bio   |   Cynthia Dann Bio   |   Download PDF (1.7MB)

Lucy Jones & Bron Lawson, Bluebird Foundation

Taking the scenic route: A creative two-generation approach to education.
Lucy Jones Bio   |   Bron Lawson Bio   |   Download PDF (86.3MB)

Penny Markham, Goodstart Early Learning

Enhancing children's outcomes in an intensive, integrated service model in universal ECEC service.
Penny Markham Bio   |   Download PDF (3.4MB)

  • Powerful Potential: Experiences & lessons from parents practising engagement
    Chair: Belinda Wall  
    |   Stream Session

Dr Gina-Maree Satore, Parenting Research Centre

Parent actions and behaviours that improve child learning outcomes.
Gina-Maree Satore Bio   |   Download PDF (200KB)

Alice Campbell, University of Queensland

Showing interest in their adolescents' education: Can Dads make a difference?
Alice Campbell Bio   |   Download PDF (400KB)

Teresa Hutchins, World Vision Australia

Working together: Parents leading the way in remote Aboriginal setting.
Teresa Hutchins Bio   |   Download (352MB)

Marcel Kerrison, University of Tasmania

Parents matter: Equipping parents to support their children's post-yr 10 education.
Marcel Kerrison Bio   |   Download PDF (400KB)

  • What works for home-school partnerships
    Chair: Annette Michaux   |   Stream Session

Amalia Fawcett, Centre for Multicultural Youth

Strategies for engaging families through out-of-school-hours.
Amalia Fawcett Bio   |   Download PDF (3MB)

Caroline Heysen & Craig Reid, Principals Australia Institute

Schools & families working together - the benefits of engagement.
Caroline Heysen Bio   |   Craig Reid Bio   |   Download PDF (530KB) 

Barbara Barker & Will Mollison, Australian Research Alliance for Children & Youth/Families ACT

Examples of effective PE in ACT schools.
Barbara Barker Bio   |   Will Mollison Bio   |   Download PDF (1.3MB)  

Maria Fong & Catherine Wade, Centre for Community Child Health/Parenting Research Centre

Engaging families in learning: A qualitative snapshot of how families and educators are supporting children's learning.
Maria Fong Bio   |   Catherine Wade Bio   |   Download PDF (484KB)

  • Classroom, Community & Country: Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander parent engagement
    Chair: Esme Bamblett   
    |   Stream Session

Jo Spek & Brittany Pass, Diocese of Broken Bay/Australian Catholic University

Personalised Learning Plans for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.
Jo Spek Bio   |   Brittany Pass Bio   |   Download PDF (249MB)

Regina Thompson, NT Dept of Education

Building parent capacity in the remote Northern Territory: Families as first teachers.
Regina Thompson Bio   |   Presentation Withheld

Cecily Strange & Kim Wedge, Ngala

Growing Strong Brains: An interactive toolkit in remote WA with Aboriginal families & communities. 
Cecily Strange Bio   |   Kim Wedge Bio   |   Download PDF (738.8KB)

Dominique Smith, Marninwarntikura Fitzroy Womens Resource Centre

Community led approach to empowering families to be their child’s first educators
Dominique Smith Bio   |   No Presentation