Wednesday 7 June (pm)

Wednesday Afternoon Plenary

The Afternoon Plenary Session of the 2017 Parent Engagement Conference on Wednesday 7 June, was opened by Dr Lisa O'Brien from the Smith Family. There were popular keynote addresses from Dr Karen Mapp, Harvard Graduate School of Education, USA, and Jenni Brasington, Scholastic Education, USA, followed by inspiring concurrent sessions and energetic Q&A discussions.

Dr Karen Mapp, Harvard Graduate School of Education, USA

Dr Karen L. Mapp, EdD, is a Senior Lecturer on Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) and the Faculty Director of the Education Policy and Management Master’s Program. Over the past twenty years, Dr. Mapp’s research and practice focus has been on the cultivation of partnerships among families, community members and educators that support student achievement and school improvement.  
Karen Mapp Bio   |   Download PDF (1MB)

Jenni Brasington, Scholastic Education, USA

Jenni Brasington is a Senior Director of Consultative Services for Scholastic Education and a founding partner of the Center for Active Family Engagement (Café). She has more than 25 years of experience working with PK-12 schools as an administrator, early childhood coordinator and school counsellor to improve student achievement and build effective family-school partnerships that support student learning.  
Jenni Brasington Bio   |   Download PDF (808KB)

Wednesday Afternoon Concurrent Sessions

  • Pathways to Access & Inclusion: Social capital & collaboration
    Chair: Anne Hampshire   
    |   Stream Session

Dr Rebecca Goodhue, Australian Research Alliance for Children & Youth

The Common Approach - Parent Engagement made easy. 
Rebecca Goodhue Bio   |   Download PDF (740KB)

Dr Jen Skattebol & A/Prof Christine Woodrow, Western Sydney University/University of New South Wales

Parent engagement and the reframing of educational equality. 
Jen Skattebol Bio   |   Christine Woodrow Bio   |   No presentation

Rachel Elphick, AFL Cape York House

More than just a welcome mat.
Rachel Elphick Bio   |   Presentation Withheld

Lisa Occhietti, St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School & Dandenong West Primary School

Schools as banks for social capital: Building partnerships between schools and organisations. 
Lisa Occhietti Bio   |    Download PDF (1MB)

  • Understanding & enacting engagement
    Chair: Barbara Barker
    |   Stream Session

Warren Cann, Parenting Research Centre

It's the moments that matter.
Warren Cann Bio   |   Download PDF (1MB)

Jennifer Azordegan, Queensland University of Technology

School-Family Relationships in Diverse Australia: Connecting educators and Afghan refugee parents.
Jennifer Azordegan Bio   |   Presentation Withheld

Danielle McAllister & Michael Zeuschner, Queensland Department of Education and Training

Rhetoric and practice: How one jurisdiction's approach to engagement has benefited students.
Danielle McAllister Bio   |   Michael Zeuschner Bio   |   Download PDF (2.9MB)

Catherine O’Byrne & Gillian Considine, The Smith Family

Working in partnership to improve the educational outcomes of disadvantaged students.
Catherine O'Byrne Bio   |   Gillian Considine Bio   |   Download PDF (339KB)

Dr Lina Di Paolo, Catholic Education Melbourne

Connecting and relating: School, family & community engagement through a SACSC cluster.
Lina Di Paolo Bio   |   Download PDF (590KB)

Rachel Saliba, Victoria Catholic Schools Parent Body

How parent engagement action teams can impact whole school culture and student learning outcomes.
Rachel Saliba Bio   |   Download (263MB)

Ann Bliss & Jeff Sochacki, Nazareth Catholic Community

Aspiring to success for all - a partnership in action.
Ann Bliss Bio   |   Jeff Sochacki Bio   |   Download PDF (1.1MB)

Dr Tanya Vaughan, Social Ventures Australia

Helping great practice become common practice.
Tanya Vaughan Bio   | Download PDF (5.1MB)

  • Engaging Across Cultures: Enhancing learning opportunities for all
    Chair: Prof Greer Johnson   |   Stream Session

Esme Bamblett, Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Incorporated

Inclusiveness in teaching practice to improve outcomes for indigenous learners. Pedagogy the key to improved classroom learnings.
Esme Bamblett Bio   |   Download PDF (1.9MB)

Prof Greer Johnson & A/Prof Bev Fluckiger, Griffith University

A cultural brokerage approach to Indigenous parental engagement.
Greer Johnson Bio   |   Bev Fluckiger Bio   |   Presentation Withheld

Kath Cooney, Foundation House

Schools and families of refugee background in partnership.
Kath Cooney Bio   |   Download PDF (1.2MB)

Christine Johnson, The Smith Family

Supporting the education of Indigenous families through innovative engagement strategies.
Christine Johnson Bio   |   Download PDF (4.3MB)